Lawo releases software update for mc2 series consoles

Lawo has made available the new Version 4.12 software update for its mc² series consoles, including the flagship mc²90, mc²66 and mc²56. Key attributes of the new software include the AMBIT DSP module for surround channels; the availability of a 3G-SDI card for managing audio within the SDI stream from the control software; an auto-update feature of all system hardware, including DALLIS frames; and the Lawo Remote App for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Lawo’s AMBIT upmix tool is a new DSP module available on surround channels. AMBIT is easy to use and offers the ability to convert stereo sources to 5.1 surround. It also features Lawo’s new auto-centering function, a front-processing algorithm designed to achieve a stable front image, along with Lawo’s rear-processing capability. AMBIT is processed in real time with extremely low latency and is downmix-compatible.

Lawo’s first iPhone-compatible app is fully supported by the v4.12 release. The Lawo Remote App enables remote control all the console’s basic functions, such as fader, mute, snapshots and user buttons. In addition, many more custom functions can be easily set up to control the mc² consoles and Nova73 HD routers. This app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Version 4.12 software also enables the user to establish a connection to any networked computer on any operating system.