Lawo adds plug-in integration to third-generation mc² consoles

Digital console manufacturer Lawo has released the company’s new plug-in integration, which uses the Lawo Plug-in Server. Designed as a dedicated environment for VST-type audio processing plug-ins, the server facilitates seamless integration with the company’s mc² series third-generation consoles while providing greater flexibility in the use and routing of processed signals, freeing the host recording platform from the resource drain typically associated with numerous plug-in processors.

The Lawo Plug-in Server accepts all VST-type audio processing plug-ins without any modification, and the installation procedure is identical to using a typical DAW. The plug-in server is integrated with the Lawo HD Core processor, with control of the system originating at the console. Applying a plug-in is as easy as assigning it to an effects slot. Additionally, audio tielines are handled automatically and appear in the system’s routing representation. All plug-in parameters are available directly from within the console.

Among the system’s features is the ability to use a single audio plug-in for multiple functions — each with its own parameter settings, label and independent signal routing settings. All 64 bidirectional audio tielines are fully automated and administered dynamically by the Lawo Plug-in Host.

All plug-in parameters are accessible directly from within the mc² series console, viewable on the central display. The mc² mixing console knows all of the plug-in parameters, storing them for later recall as needed.

Compatible with multiple hardware platforms, the Lawo Plug-in Server has been tested and found to be fully operational with plug-ins from leading developers such as Sonnox (Oxford), Waves, Universal Audio and TC Electronic.

Lawo’s new Plug-in Server is now available for use with the Lawo mc²66 (v1.10.1.0) and the mc²90 (v1.2.1.0) production consoles and will be featured at the company’s NAB display, booth N8720.

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