KTIV, WVVA go live with PowerCD DTV transmitters

Harris has installed PowerCD high-power UHF ATSC transmitters at two TV stations owned by Quincy Newspapers of Quincy, IL.

The installations satisfy FCC requirements for full-power DTV broadcasting at KTIV-DT in Sioux City, IA, and WVVA-DT in Bluefield, WV.

According to Brady Dreasler, director of capital, facilities and engineering for Quincy Newspapers, the primary reason Quincy Newspapers selected the PowerCD transmitter was for its newer IOT design that promised energy efficiency and savings on energy bills.

The PowerCD's performance and energy efficiency results from the new, high-efficiency depressed collector Inductive Output Tube (IOT) power amplifiers and other technological advances.

With its new PowerCD transmitter now online, NBC affiliate KTIV has increased its digital power output from 1.8kW to 57kW with an ERP (effective radiated power) of 1MW, while CW affiliate WVVA increased its power output from 7.5kW to 51kW, also with an ERP of 1MW.

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