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Korg introduces MR-2 digital recorder

At the Musik Messe trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, Korg introduced the MR-2 digital recorder. As with all of Korg’s MR recorders, the MR-2 records in the ultra-high-fidelity DSD format, using a 2.8MHz sampling rate, which captures every sonic detail while preserving the ambience of the original recording location. Using the included AudioGate software, this original datastream recording can be repurposed into nearly any audio format with minimal fidelity loss. For job-specific recording, the MR-2 can also record in any of the popular multi-bit formats, from MP2 and MP3 up to 24-bit/192kHz.

The MR-2 features a built-in, professional-grade, electret stereo condenser microphone in an X-Y configuration. The mic housing can be rotated toward the front, top or rear of the MR-2 in eight 30-degree steps, enabling the mic to be pointed directly at the target recording source. Two screw mounts allow the MR-2 to be attached to a general-purpose camera tripod for flexible positioning. An additional jack enables connection to an external mic.

Onboard features include an analog limiter, low-cut filter and bass EQ. This high-performance analog circuitry remains under accurate digital control. The MR-2 includes 40 selectable recording setups. Each contains settings for mic sensitivity, input level, analog limiter, low-cut-filter and bass EQ. These setups offer optimized settings for situations like ensemble music performances, field recording, etc. Ten custom user settings can be defined as well.

Data recorded on the MR-2 is stored directly to an SD/SDHC card, eliminating issues caused by a spinning hard drive. More than 11 hours of SACD-quality DSD recording is possible using a 32GB card. The USB 2.0 connector allows the recorded data to be transferred to a computer at high speeds.

Portable and easy to operate, the MR-2 features a highly visible 128 x 128-pixel LCD screen. Dedicated buttons and switches allow quick adjustments to the input level, hold on/off, etc. For musicians, a convenient multimode chromatic tuner is built in. Both battery (two AA) and USB power sources allow the MR-2 to be used almost anywhere.

Korg’s AudioGate audio format conversion software can convert files from DSD to multi-bit PCM (or vice versa), as well as edit recorded material and manage archival masters. Two different types of dithering are offered, including Korg’s “Noise Shaped Dither (KORG AQUA),” which matches the perceptual response of human hearing.