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JVC Unveils DT-V G2 LCD Monitors

WAYNE, N.J.—A new series of multi-format LCD production monitors has been announced by JVC, the DT-V G2 line. JVC is releasing four models as part of the line, the 16.5-inch DT-V17G25Z, the 16.5-inch DT-V17G2Z, the 21.5-inch DT-V21G2Z, and the 24-inch DT-V24G2Z.

The DT-V17G25Z and DT-V17G2Z each feature a 10-bit IPS panel, wide gamma range, 1500:1 contrast ratio and an integrated toolset. Both models also include a carrying handle JVC also says that the DT-V17G25Z is a near EBU Grade 1 LCD monitor.

All of the DT-V G2 models can monitor up to 16 channels of embedded audio and come with a Lissajous meter to display the stereo field of a signal and possible phase issues. A waveform monitor, vectorscope, histogram, zebra, four gamma preset modes are built in to the monitors. All monitors deliver 1920x1080 resolution, save the DT-V24G2Z, which offers 1920x1200.

Additional features include two function keys for saving customized functions; color temperature settings; time code display; SDI closed captioning support; built-in stereo speakers; and a tilt desk stand. All monitors are capable of supporting 3G-SDI and Dual Link with Dual-HD-SDI inputs.

JVC is offering the monitors at the following prices: DT-V17G2Z for $2,900; DT-V17G25Z for $4,150; DT-V21G2Z for $3,550; and DT-V24G2Z for $4,295.