JVC Announces Firmware Upgrade for GY-LS300 4KCam

WAYNE, N.J. – JVC Professional Video has announced the soon to be released version 2.0 firmware upgrade for the GY-LS300 4KCam camcorder. Among the features in the upgrade is the addition of a JVC Log mode, which duplicates the look for film, new Cinema 4K and Cinema 2K recording modes, a Prime Zoom feature, and histogram.

GY-LS300 4KCam

The JVC Log mode for the GY-LS300 delivers wide latitude and high dynamic range up to 800 percent. Version 2.0 also adds 4096x2180 Cinema 4K and 2048x1080 Cinema 2K recording modes at various frame rates, each with a 17:9 aspect ratio. The camera’s Super 35 CMOS sensor also brings higher contrast ratio and provide details within highlights and shadows.

Using JVC’s Variable Scan Mapping technology, GY-LS300’s Prime Zoom feature provides native support of various lenses when paired with third-party lens adapters. When combined with a Micro Four Thirds prime lens, the image can be adjusted between the maximum and minimum scan area using the zoom rocker. This allows the camera to deliver 2.3x maximum zoom for HD and 1.25x maximum zoom for 4K. The Prime Zoom feature can also be used as a lens extender for zoom lenses.

Other new features in the version 2.0 upgrade include a histogram display, color matrix adjustment, spot meter, black paint setting, and a new 70Mbps recording mode.

The version 2.0 firmware upgrade will be available starting in September.