Juniper Networks unveils Media Flow Publisher for Internet video services

Juniper Networks has announced Media Flow Publisher, an application that facilitates the introduction of premium multiscreen video services.

With Media Flow Publisher, television producers can now more easily introduce new services by delivering video content to a variety of end-user devices.

The advent of tablet PCs, mobile devices and increasingly ubiquitous wireless access is driving the consumption of premium video entertainment content out of the living room. On-the-go consumers now expect access to a variety of content on any device at any time.

To address the variables in device capabilities and connection quality in multiscreen content delivery, adaptive bit-rate streaming is widely used to ensure a smooth viewing experience for online video. The software can perform the stream segmentation, packaging, metadata publishing and adaptive stream format translation required for adaptive bit-rate delivery.

By performing these key publishing tasks, Media Flow Publisher can eliminate the need for operators to deploy costly, specialized adaptive encoders and servers.
It supports adaptive streaming formats from major vendors, including Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and can convert content between these adaptive stream formats.