Irdeto Access rolls out SoftClient for IPTV content-security solution

At IBC2004, Irdeto Access launched two new content security solutions: The SoftwareClient for the Irdeto PIsys and the Irdeto Epsilon smart card with FlexiFlash.

Irdeto PIsys is a content protection solution for IPTV. It is designed to provide the highest levels of protection against content theft over DSL and FTTH infrastructures.

The Irdeto SoftClient, a secure software client for Irdeto PIsys, uses the bi-directional nature of DSL and fiber networks to offer superior security without needing a smart card.

The Irdeto Epsilon Card with Irdeto FlexiFlash is a smart card that incorporates the latest advanced security features and meets Irdeto Access' security strategy of delivering a new smart card every 12 to 18 months, which limits the impact of piracy.

The Epsilon Card incorporates Irdeto FlexiFlash technology, which can update key software code securely and efficiently over the air.

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