I/One Connects debuts Firewire Audio Snakes

I/One Connects has introduced its Firewire Audio Snakes, intended to save users hours of installation time and reduce wiring costs while providing a flexible, all-digital infrastructure. These snakes are ideal for both new facilities and those wishing to upgrade to RF/EMI fiber-optic cabling.

I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes feature a comprehensive input-output structure in a 1RU architecture. Included are four stereo AES or S/PDIF, eight ADA, 16 switchable analog (+4/-10 norm) and BNC wordclock. The snake also features RS-232 control, fiber-optic connectors and two nine-pin firewire connectors. Sample rates of 44k, 48k, 88k, 96k, 176k or 192k are supported at 24b audio with distributed wordclock and control, bidirectionally on a single cable, making this device perfect for gradual upgrades and expansion across different rates standards.

Designed for easy connection to any mLan audio card and supporting audio transport up to 500m, the Firewire Snake is IEEE 1394 compliant and maintains a constant latency of 0.35ms, regardless of the number of devices connected. The snakes also feature the DICEII FireWire chip with JetPLL jitter elimination technology from TC Applied Technologies, and remembers its connected sources for instant re-connect in the event of a power failure. Patchbay software for Windows XP is also included.

For more information, visit www.IOneConnects.com.