India's Doordarshan ready to try again with DVB-H

Although a 2007 pilot was stalled by a lack of DVB-H-enabled handsets, India's Doordarshan is planning another mobile TV foray, reports IndiQuest Research. The state-operated broadcaster plans to roll out mobile TV services in 17 cities across India and floated "an expression of interest" recently to create a public-private partnership for digital broadcasting services.

The proposed plan specifies a five-phase rollout, starting with the metro railways. The service will offer 16 channels of programming, 12 of which the private partner can use for premium services on a revenue-sharing basis. While Doordarshan will provide the infrastructure — transmission tower, power supply and spectrum — the private partner will be responsible for content aggregation, marketing, operation and maintenance. Additionally, the private player will have to invest in setting up transmitters, antennas and other mobile TV infrastructure.

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