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Incited Media teams with Widevine for content security

Incited Media and Widevine Technologies are jointly marketing their technology and services. The result is a technology partnership that bundles Widevine’s content protection as part of Incited Media’s cross-platform live streaming service.

Online viewers need the ability to watch content in the browser of their choice using the bundled video players native to their computers. The joint solution enables Los Angeles-based Incited Media’s to allow its clients to deliver a single platform that offers transcoding, ingestion, content protection and publishing capabilities.

Incited Media offers a variety of live webcast management services, supporting events like the Olympics, the Democratic National Convention, MTV Movie Awards, Farm Aid, the Grammys and Live Earth, the most viewed webcast of all time. The seven-continent 24-hour concert saw more than 9 million video streams delivered simultaneously to a total viewership of 250,000 people.

Customers of the joint solution can create and publish content in widely used video formats such as Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and RealNetworks RealPlayer. They can also securely package and deliver streamed media, progressive downloaded or file downloaded content. Widevine’s digital copy protection technology also monitors, detects and protects content on any PC.

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