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Incite and Sony Create Shoot-and-Edit System for Field Use

A combination of Sony and Incite products allow journalists and filmmakers to shoot digital footage and edit the material in the field on laptops or PCs.

Sony's new DSR-DU1 portable Video Disk Unit can be integrated with Incite's new Remote Producer and Newsmaker, which allows cameramen to shoot, store data on disk, and edit immediately, preserving and loading the metadata directly from the disk. The integrated system is suited to news, videography, documentary and corporate production.

The DSR-DU1 is a portable 40 GB capacity, 2.5-inch hard-disk drive that attaches to DVCAM camcorders through i.Link (Firewire), recording 3 hours of video/audio signals in parallel with tape recording and with features for clip selection on the disk. The disk can then be attached to the editing station through the i.Link connection, and the media is ready to be edited without any transfer or copying needs.

Remote Producer and Newsmaker are Incite's software-based editing applications for the on-line editing of DV camcorder footage for laptops and PCs. Both programs can use Incite's media management and editing tools to browse, preview and edit media from the DSR-DU1. The system is also open due to Incite's architecture. Editors can exchange projects with other Incite applications in a network workflow environment independent of the file format, and export sequences to third-party playout applications.