IBC2009: Find it all in Amsterdam

This year's IBC conference opens with a keynote on sports broadcasting. As the driver for the introduction of new technology and services, this genre benefits from strong funding. Sports programming is where developments like stereoscopic production will first hit viewers screens.

Again, IBC has the Emerging Media zones, which feature digital signage, IPTV and mobile. The European cable industry is expanding alongside the new IPTV services, presenting continuing business opportunities in both sectors. Mobile TV is slowly gaining ground, but is hardly a mainstream media outlet. To spend in an area where the business models are still untried makes mobile a long-term investment.

Alongside the technology papers and the exhibition is a conference stream on emerging business models. This year has scared many that depend on interstitial advertising as their prime source of revenue. Very much allied to this subject is the use of automation to improve efficiencies from the sales and traffic through to interactive services. It is only through reduction in costs and new services that broadcasters can compete with the new guys on the block from the Internet sector. It is the need to innovate that makes visiting shows so important.

Broadcast Engineering is here to help you make the most of IBC2009. Our Exhibit Hall Map will guide you through the maze of stands and products. And, to help you build an ultimate shopping list, here is a sneak peek of some of the hottest products that will be featured.

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Autoscript Mango

Connects directly with the WinPlus prompter software, offering built-in intelligence to allow production staff or multiple presenters to allocate any controller for use at any time and with failsafe accuracy; using intuitive deskpad keys, the presenter can immediately assign specific controllers, view which ones are live, personalize them and enable or disable.
+44 208 891 8900;www.autoscript.tv
Booth: 9.D28e

AJA Video Systems Ki Pro

Virtually any video and audio source can be fed into Ki Pro to record pristine 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 media that is then immediately available to edit within Apple's Final Cut Studio; allows users to record hours of Apple ProRes 422 media to removable storage modules with either spinning disk or SSD media with built-in FireWire 800, or to 34mm ExpressCard Flash-based media, for immediate editing and file access; can connect to any digital camera via SDI or HDMI, or any analog camera with multiple input options.
+1 530 274 2048;www.aja.com
Stand: 7.F11

Blackmagic Design UltraScope

3Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scope designed for editors and colorists; plugs into any compatible Windows computer with a 24in monitor; displays six live scope views simultaneously; auto detects SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI inputs.
+44 1565 830049
Stand: 7.B21

Broadcast Pix 3G Switcher Frame

A 3Gb/s 1080p upgrade for the company's Slate live video production system; provides simultaneous multidefinition SDI I/O for 1080p, 1080i, 720p and SD; is a separate frame, which simplifies wiring, increases the amount of I/O and enhances robustness; accepts up to 20 SDI inputs, as well as another 16 video and key inputs of clips and graphics, which are carried from the Broadcast Pix workstation to the frame over a single PCI Express bus cable.
+1 978 600 1100
Stand: 7.A15

Calrec Audio Apollo

Relies on Bluefin2 high-density signal processing system; at 48kHz operation, provides up to 1020 channel-processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/track outputs and 48 auxiliaries; at 96kHz operation, provides up to 510 channel-processing paths, 64 program busses, 48 IFB/track outputs and 24 auxiliaries.
+44 1422 842159;www.calrec.com
Stand: 8.B81

Chyron HyperX3

Can play HD full-screen movie objects and manipulate many times the number of objects of the previous version; scalable to two independent channels, optional DVEs, clips and the latest Lyric PRO 7.1 creation and playout package; features simultaneous HD 3D animations on two channels, creation and playout on devices with WYSIWYG software, Adobe XMP metadata validation and adaptive primitives, and FBX importer.
+44 118 916 8480;www.chyron.com
Stand: 7.D11

Axon Digital Design HDK100

Designed for the Synapse system; features four HD/SD inputs (two background inputs, one fill input and one key input) and four HD/SD outputs (two program outputs, one preview output and a user-definable output); controllable via Ethernet or GPI; compatible with SD-SDI and HD-SDI; can be upgraded to 3Gb/s compatibility; includes transparency for 16 channels of embedded audio and all ANC data.
+31 616 850 450;www.axon.tv
Stand: 10.A21/10.B21

Cisco Digital Media Manager

Allows content owners to upload, catalog, edit, package and publish digital media content for live or on-demand playback; schedules instant and future content deployments and playback schedules for digital signage, desktop video and enterprise TV; reports on playback schedules; manages Q&A for live desktop broadcasts.
+1 408 526 4000;www.cisco.com
Stand: 1.D71

Digital Rapids StreamZ Live

For multichannel, enterprise-class live streaming operations; new versions feature adaptive streaming capabilities, including Microsoft Smooth Streaming; supports distribution channels from IPTV to webcasting and mobile video; multiple encoders can be combined with the Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager live encoder management software for centralized control, automation, monitoring and fault tolerance.
+44 1428 751012
Stand: 7.G41/IP511

DK-Technologies PT0710M

Entry-level HD/SD waveform monitor is a single-channel version of the four-channel PT0760M; can display R, G, B, luminance and gamut errors; can de-embed and display up to 16 audio channels; user-installed upgrades, which allow the unit to be transformed into a PT0760M in the field, include Dolby E decoding and 5.1 surround-sound monitoring, as well as Cb, Cr and vectorscope.
+45 44 85 02 55
Stand: 8.E60

Echolab Atem

1M/E 3Gb/s 1080p/60 production switcher features four upstream and two downstream keyers; also includes Echolab's SuperSource crosspoint and Stinger transitions, making it possible to build a composition of as many as 12 layers; offers 10 mixed-format inputs with built-in synchronization and scaling, so that that every input accepts SD or HD signals.
+1 978 715 1020;www.echolab.com
Stand: 10.D30

Ensemble Designs LevelTrack Audio AGC

Adds a user-configurable audio level management system to Avenue signal processing modules; corrects mismatched audio levels between different program sources or segments within a program; automatically monitors the levels in up to eight audio channels; based upon the history in each channel, gradual changes are applied to prevent the audio level from dropping below or exceeding user-programmable thresholds.
+1 530 478 1830;www.ensembledesigns.com
Stand: 8.B91

Elber WLCT-02SD

Features a compact design that makes it practical to be directly camera dockable; integrated MPEG-2 4:2:2/4:2:0 digital encoder ensures a high-quality video signal; low end-to-end latency enables the system to be used for both single-camera applications and multicamera productions.
+39 0185 351333;www.elber.it
Stand: 8.C11a


Complies with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable; uses two single-mode fibre contacts, two high-voltage contacts and two signal contacts; features a rugged, stainless steel outer shell; the optical contacts are accessible for fast cleaning.
+41 21 695 16 00;www.lemo.com
Stand: 11.C45

Elquip LV5380

Monitors two HD/SD-SDI sources; displays picture, waveform, vector, five-bar, audio and status displays in various combinations; features a built-in TFT-LCD XGA display; on-picture gamut indication and time-code referenced error logs facilitate material QA; offers user-selectable error levels and alarms; embedded audio is displayed, and two channels are fed to a headphone monitoring output.
+31 40 2645345;www.elquip.com
Stand: 10.F28

FOR-A FRC-8000

Multiformat frame rate converter is equipped with a new image processing board for HD and SD format conversion; uses FOR-A's vector motion compensation technology to perform high-quality, integrated up-, down- and crossconversion; features include one-touch setup, multichannel audio conversion, and optional two-channel Dolby E encoding and decoding.
+44 20 8391 7979www.for-a.com
Stand: 2.A51/2.B59

Fischer Connectors AluLite series

Aluminum connectors are 50 percent lighter than typical metal connectors; ideal for mobile equipment, portable systems and hand-held devices; available in a wide range of colors to offer a flexible color-coding system; are rugged, 360° EMC shielded, sealed up to IP68 (2m/24h) or even hermetic.
+41 21 800 95 95;www.fischerconnectors.com
Stand: 11.E40


Designed for tapeless ingest, production and playout in studios; available in two- and four-channel configurations; supports a wide variety of acquisition and delivery formats, including a large number of natively supported SD and HD codecs; servers' two or four channels can be controlled by multiple software systems, such as EVS' IPDirector content management software and Insio production software, which allows for control of the recording of multiple camera feeds for cutting, clipping and transfer to post production.
+32 436 170 00;www.evs.tv
Stand: 8.B90

Grass Valley MEDIAEDGE4

Can decode H.264 content as well as MPEG-2 content from existing MEDIAEDGE3 systems; includes a new HDMI output connector to enable the use of a wider variety of HD monitors and displays; allows users to store and deliver HD content at about a 30 percent lower data rate than MPEG-2; existing MEDIAEDGE3 users can upgrade for a small fee.
+33 1 34 90 31 00
Stand: 1.D11 /1.E02

Jünger Audio C8086-8

Features eight channels; incorporates Dolby Metadata Generator option; allows users to verify, modify or generate metadata, including dialnorm, according to Dolby specifications; with LEVEL MAGIC system, can transport metadata from point of origin to point of Dolby Digital encoding.
+49 30 677721 0
Stand: 2.C49

Linear Acoustic L.A.M.B.D.A

Accepts and decodes Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital (AC-3) directly from an applied DVB-ASI transport stream; displays and reproduces up to 16 audio channels from AES or embedded HD/SD-SDI input; the system also accepts audio metadata via a nine-pin serial input or extracts it from the VANC space of an applied HD-SDI input; audio and metadata are displayed in combination to allow for accurate monitoring.
+1 201 650 7653
Stand: 8.D29

Genelec 1038CF

Features a slim speaker enclosure, built-in triamplifier unit, dual 8in long-throw bass dirvers, multiple power amps and active crossovers; offers a limited bass response, with a -2.5dB point at 57Hz; can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientation by rotating the waveguide; all drivers are magnetically shielded to minimize stray magnetic field effects.
+358 17 83881;www.genelec.com
Stand: 8.C58

Marshall Electronics V-LCD70P-3GSDI

7in monitor offers 3Gb/s SDI, HD-SDI (1.5Gb/s single and dual link), SD-SDI, HDMI and component inputs; features a durable and lightweight design; offers a digital TFT-MegaPixel high-res LCD screen with 1.2 million pixels, 4-pin XLR power jack and optical grade polycarbonate screen protection; analog signals are digitized using advanced 10-bit processing with 4X oversampling and adaptive five-line comb filter.
+1 310 333 0606;www.lcdracks.com
Stand: 9.E40

Media GeniX WHATS'On Generation 3

Multiuser software backbone covers the whole process of schedule management for an entire station, from budgeting, press communication and scheduling, to broadcasting and beyond; handles interactions and constraints between strategic planning, scheduling, traffic management, program acquisition, production, promotion, commercials, transmission preparation, media and finance information.
+32 2 467 34 30;www.mediagenix.tv
Stand: 3.C59

Miranda Kaleido X-16

Ideal for use within control rooms and mobile applications; designed for 3Gbps/3D and HD/SD/analog video; delivers high level of image quality, layout flexibility and tight router integration; compact 1RU chassis features 16 inputs, two multiviewer outputs and a 16 × 2 router; offers seamless integration with the NVISION router family, and third-party routers, to allow expansion up to 1152 video inputs and 144 multiviewer outputs.
+44 1491 820 000;www.miranda.com
Stand: 8.B80

Utah Scientific UTAH-100

New line of small routers, distribution amplifiers; series includes fixed-frame and modular routers and distribution amplifiers for signal types ranging all the way from analog to the new 3G HD format; available in fixed-frame sizes of 8 × 8 and 16 × 16, with 1RU and 2RU modular frames that support routers sized up to 16 × 16 and 32 × 32, respectively.
+1 801 575 3770
Stand: 2.B20

Hamlet FlexiScope

All-digital device provides simultaneous operation in both HD and SDI; is also a portable picture/audio monitor and test signal generator; new modules include the 3Gb/s, HD, SD EYE pattern and A/V signal measurement and monitoring module, the 3Gb/s, HD and SD A/V signal measurement and monitoring module, and the HD, SD EYE pattern and A/V signal measurement and monitoring module.
+44 1494 729728;www.hamlet.co.uk
Stand: 9.E13/9.E21

Octopus OCTOPUS6

A platform-independent newsroom computer system running on Windows, Mac OS and Linux; helps store and share all the information necessary for successful news preparation and delivery; Version 6 of this Web-based system includes new features such as centralized updates, an installation-free client and an intuitive user interface.
+420 221 181 511
Stand: 3.B58

Omneon MediaDeck GX

Combines proven video server playout, graphics and advanced audio processing, all of which operate under the control of the user's preferred automation system; offers rich branding and master control functionality; makes it easier and more affordable for broadcasters to launch new services or to make incremental additions to their existing channel lineup.
+44 1256 347 400;www.omneon.com
Stand: 8.B60

OmniBus iTX GFX

Combines iTX with rtSoftware tOG rendering engine to deliver 2D/3D graphics and real-time DVE effects; runs on an enhanced hardware platform; can handle CG compatibility, as well as live video and DVE moves that can be previewed on the iTX desktop; creates resolution-independent graphics for SD, HD or Web streaming.
+44 8705 004 300;www.omnibus.tv
Stand: 8.D41

Panasonic AG-HMC41E

Records up to 180 minutes of HD video at full-pixel sampling rate of 1920 x 1080, or up to 720 minutes using HE mode with 32GB SD/SDHC card; captures still images at 10.6 million pixel resolution; features three 1/4in progressive MOS sensors, 10.6-megapixel still photo capture and 12X optical zoom; incorporates color reproduction system, various focus-assist functions and waveform monitoring.
+49 611 235 0
Stand: 9.D18

PlayBox Technology µPlay

Entry-level video and graphics playout package integrates graphics, animation, video, audio and real-time external data feeds to build the final layout and look of the media; supplies all that's needed to run anything from a video subchannel to a graphics-intensive, 24-hour automated information channel.
+44 1707 66 44 44;www.playbox.tv
Stand: 8.B31

MultiDyne DVI-6000

Single- and dual-link, long-haul fiber-optic transport solution for high-quality RGB-HV and DVI-D with a DVI-I interface; supports up to WQXGA, 2560 × 1600 resolution with dual link over a single fiber; has optional stereo audio and bidirectional data for monitor control.
+1 516 671 7278;www.multidyne.com
Stand: 2.A54

ProTelevision Technologies MediaFLO Modulator

Supports a range of control methods, including SNMP, embedded WebService, RS-232 and RS-485; provided with RF output of 30MHz-1GHz; includes adaptive precorrection, transport stream over IP input and DVB-S/S2 reception; changes or updates to the modulation standard require only loading of the modified code into the device over the Ethernet interface; works in combination with any third-party RF power amplifier to provide a high-quality RF signal in a MediaFLO broadcasting network.
+45 44700000
Stand: 8.B41

Riedel Artist 5000

Control panels offer a cost-effective entry to Artist Digital Matrix Intercom applications; available in two versions, either with marker strips or with eight-character, high-contrast LCD displays, which show the label for each talk key; the control panels with LCD display are also equipped with a shift-page, essentially doubling the number of keys to a total of 16.
+49 202 292 90;www.riedel.net
Stand: 10.A41


SD MPEG-2 encoder delivers high-quality SD video at bit rates previously unachievable with the MPEG-2 standard; aimed specifically at demanding low bit-rate applications; ideal for high-performance DTH applications via satellite, digital terrestrial or cable.
+44 23 8048 4000
Stand: 1.D61

Videssence Power Key

Adjusts from the back of the fixture, allowing users to leave on the zone screen; a slide of a lever at the back of the fixture adjusts each lamp cell; available as a one-, two- or four-lamp fixture.
+1 626 579 0943;www.videssence.tv
Stand: 11.A78

Harris Videotek HD-STAR

Provides multiformat functionality for monitoring and generating video and embedded audio signals; input auto format detection upgrade allows for a separate format for the test signal generator and input monitoring; continuous picture motion upgrade provides a bouncing block at three different selectable speeds; features a video test signal generator, color monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, serial data analyzer and audio analyzer/monitor.
+1 321 727 9207;www.harris.com
Stand: 7.G20/7.G23

Rohde & Schwarz R&S SFU

Supports ATV and DTV multistandard testing; features output frequency of 100kHz-3GHz, generation of internal noise and interferer signals, fully digital baseband signal processing and I/Q modulator with 180MHz RF bandwidth; provides SSB phase noise of -135dBc at 1GHz and optional output of up to 19dBm; SFU-K18 real-time coder option generates ATSC Mobile DTV-compliant signals; SFU-K16 option generates DVB-T2-compliant signals.
+49 89 41 29 0
Stand: 8.D35

Streambox SBT3-9300

Enables users to capture, transmit and play live and file-based video; provides 1080i/720p/1080psf HD video at data rates from 512Kb/s to 30Mb/s and SD video from 64Kb/s to 15Mb/s.
+1 206 956 0544
Stand: 7.J40

Screen Service Magnum series

The latest generation of high-integration digital television transmitters for SFN and MFN networks; feature a built-in SFN adapter and advanced software-defined transmitters (SWDT) technology, which allows users to implement different modulation patterns — either digital or analog — (DVB-T/H, PAL, ASTC, NSTC, QPSK, QAM, FLO, SECAM, etc.) in the same hardware.
+39 030 3582225
Stand: 8.C41

vsn vsncreaTV 2.4

Allows simultaneous multiclient operation regardless of the Web browser being used; adds bisync technology to provide a total low-level synchronization with automation solutions; playlists and grids can be opened from vsnmulticom 8.5 directly so changes concerning secondary events, auxiliary scenes and overlays will be synchronized.
+34 93 734 99 70;www.vsn-tv.com
Stand: 7J10

Zeus Broadcast

Manages the service department; provides help desk communications; tracks all asset activities, changes and configurations; handles multiorganizational, multilocation or multigroup topologies; provides fully searchable and sharable information while maintaining the separation and control that each organization, location or group requires.
+407 352 6501
Stand: 6.C28a

Wohler AMP1-E16-3G

1RU unit with dual selectable SD/HD/3G inputs; includes Dolby E and is Dolby Digital Plus ready; provides monitoring for up to 16 channels of embedded audio within a single multirate SDI signal; two of the three OLED screens can monitor 16 channels of audio simultaneously with flexible options for high-res 180-segment audio metering, while the third screen may display video or data.
+1 510 870 0810;www.wohler.com
Stand: 8.E54

Front Porch Digital DIVAsolo

Provides an all-in-one migration path from legacy videotape to content storage management and archiving on high-density data tape; compact, turnkey solution unites SAMMA Solo, DIVAworks and DIVAdirector; SAMMA solo performs large-scale, real-time videotape migration to multiple essence formats; DIVAworks combines an LTO-4-based data tape library with DIVArchive for managing storage and security of digital files; DIVAdirector enables metadata management and the intuitive search, proxy, browsing and management of stored digital content from user desktops.
+33 4 50 88 37 70;www.fpdigital.com
Stand: 7.B15

Neutrik XX-HD series

Equipped with a heavy-duty, hybrid metal/rubber design to protect against dust and water; meet IP67 rating requirements; series includes a three-pole female XLR connector with optional black housing and a three-pole male XLR connector with optional black housing.
+423 2372424;www.neutrik.com
Stand: 8.C94

Ross Video Vision Octane series

Feature eight full four keyer MLEs, 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3D DVE with warp capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs, 32 full keyers, 12 AuxKey mixer/keyers on the aux bus outputs, and 12 DVE key combiners, for a total of 56 keyers in the system; are 3G ready.
+1 613 652 4886;www.rossvideo.com
Stand: 9.D30

Note: Stand numbers are provide by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.