IBC to See New Products from Zaxcom

Audio technology pioneer Zaxcom will be at this year’s IBC with an array of brand new products.

The 2.4 GHz Zax-Net is an RF network for transmitting remote control signals, timecode, production sound metadata and IFB audio. Zax-Net connects Zaxcom Deva or Fusion mixer/recorders, encrypted IFB receivers and compatible digital slates together in one system for recording and distribution without the need for any wires.

ERX1 and ERX2 encrypted IFB bodypack receivers take in digital audio, timecode and metadata from Zaxcom IFB transmitters. The ERX2 has an LCD screen and a built-in timecode reader/generator to constantly jam digital slates, preventing timecode drift.

The QRX100 four-channel camera RF audio receiver allows broadcasters to fully record playout from four-channel ENG cameras with ease. Audio is received from Zaxcom digital transmitters then output them as analog and AES digital formats.

Designed specifically for boom pole and sports applications, the TRX992 wireless recording system does the work of an audio transmitter, monitor return receiver backup recorder and phantom power supply in one. Its dynamic range is 106 dB, giving it the sound of a hard-wired microphone.

Zaxcom’s Deva Mix-8 control panel includes fader-based mixing controls in a compact, over-the-shoulder control panel. All signal and power is supported through one cable, connected to the host Deva or Fusion system.

Zaxcom will be at stand 8.D79.