Hudl Rolls Out Smart Cam for Outdoor Production

Hudl Focus Outdoor camera
(Image credit: Hudl)

OMAHA, Neb.—Hudl is boosting its sports production capabilities with the introduction of the Hudl Focus Outdoor hands-free smart camera. This new camera can automatically capture, upload and transmit videos to live streaming platforms.

Hudl already has the Hudl Focus Indoor camera, which can capture HD video while using AI-powered tracking technology to maintain the appropriate angle. Those capabilities have now made part of the Hudl Focus Outdoor camera for use capturing football, soccer and other outdoor sports.

Hudl Focus users can stream directly to YouTube or other broadcast software at no cost. The camera can also display the scoreboard within the video frame. The upload of the video is done in real time.

The Hudl Focus Outdoor is designed as permanently installed hardware that continues to operate in variable weather conditions.

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