Harris Brings Benefits Of Convergence

Harris Broadcast President Harris Morris introduces the new Selenio media convergence platform.
Harris Broadcast says it has the most comprehensive toolset available to help broadcasters realize the benefits of digital media convergence.

"We believe content is the richest and most diverse it's ever been," said President Harris Morris at the company's Sunday press conference. On the other hand, "we believe a lot of content doesn't reach its full potential."

The company is launching Selenio, which it touts as "the broadcast industry's first integrated media convergence platform." Ideal for hybrid environments, Selenio combines traditional baseband video and audio processing, video and audio compression and IP networking technology into a single platform. Harris is partnering with LG Electronics, WRAL-DTV, Roundbox and iSet at the show to demonstrate new applications for Mobile DTV, including 3D, EPGs and digital signage.

The company launched several radio transmission products, including the Flexiva air-cooled FM transmitter, Flex-Star HDI200 HD Radio Importer and the Multi-System Controller (MSC) for redundant transmission, and for television, the Maxiva UAX Compact air-cooled, UHF TV transmitter, Apex M2X exciter IP and satellite receiver as well as a range of Outdoor Transmission Enclosures. Harris also announced a three-year deal to build a complete IPTV network for digital signage at Madison Square Garden.

—Tom Butts, TV Technology