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Grass Valley Cameras Go Small With LDX C82, LDX C86

MONTREAL—With the goal of allowing cameramen to capture footage in tough to reach places, Grass Valley has released some new compact cameras with its LDX C82 series and LDX C86N series cameras.

The LDX C82 series of HD compact cameras are companion pieces to GV’s recently released LDX 82 series HD/3G cameras. The LDX C82 works with two LDX 82 versions, the Premiere and Elite. LDX 82 WorldCam functionality is also available through the GV-eLicense program. Each model of the LDX C82 includes wide color gamut support and optimal HDR functionality with 15 F-stops.


Three native UHD 2/3-inch imagers are available with the LDX C86N camera for capturing 4K footage; DPMUltra is also available to manage the acquisition format. The LDX C86N is fully compatible with the LDX 86 and LDX 86N series cameras to match color reproduction and wide-gamut acquisition of footage.

In addition, The LDX C86 series is aligned with the LDX 86 cameras for improved transition between cameras. This includes the LDX C86 HiSpeed and LDX C86 XtremeSpeed cameras, which offer 3x and 6x speed, respectively, as well as wide color gamut and HDR capabilities. The LDX C86 WorldCam offers HD performance in 1080i/720p, 1080p and Psf formats.

Grass Valley will showcase all of these new cameras at its booth (SL106) during the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.