Granite Town Media Opts for Cablecast to Boost Automation

MINNEAPOLIS—It was time for an upgrade at Granite Town Media in Milford, N.H., with the station acquiring a new Cablecast VIO multiformat video server to handle its automation and playout duties as it prepares for HD broadcasting.

Offering cable television, live web streaming, social media and OTT channels, Granite Town Media is expected to launch its first HD cable channel in 2020, requiring the station to upgrade its infrastructure and equipment to high-definition SDI. Having experience with a Cablecast SX4 server in the past, the station opted for version 7.0 of Cablecast VIO.

The specific setup is a Cablecast VIO 4 playout server, configured as three playout channels—one for Public, Education and Government offerings—and one recording input. The station’s live streams and on-demand video library are powered by Cablecast Live and Cablecat Pro VOD, with the cloud-based Cablecast Reflect supporting stream delivery. Cablecast Screenweave, meanwhile, brings live and on-demand content to Roku and Apple TV devices.

Other features of the new Cablecast setup include the ability to run multiple instances of broadcast-optimized Cablecast CG software within a single unit; squeeze-backs and expanded channel branded capabilities; and other operational benefits like uploading files remotely through a web interface, batch scheduling functions and a confidence monitoring feature.

Granite Town Media updated its system in July 2019.