Genesis Intros Coax for HDTV

Genesis Cable Systems debuted a new digital cable coaxial cable offering higher bandwidth for HDTV.

The Type 5361 high-performance 3GHz digital coaxial cable features a precision-drawn 18 AWG bare copper conductor with gas-injected foam dielectric, a 95 percent tinned copper braid and aluminum foil for broadband shielding. It has a bandwidth of 3GHz with headroom for HDTV's transmission speed of 1.485 Gbps, and a flame-resistant PVC jacket.

"The aim behind our new digital cable was to offer a vital link between digital components in home theater systems featuring HDTV, high-end audio systems, and professional studios," said Joe Nitiss, Director of Marketing, Genesis Cable Systems. "The cable's tight-tolerance impedance coupled with its high-bandwidth curtails jitter problems while maintaining optimum signal integrity and delivering the most accurate bitstream transfer of digital data."