GB Labs Debuts Unify Hub Management Platform

(Image credit: GB Labs)

ALDERMASTON, U.K.—GB Labs is rolling out its new Unify Hub, a data management platform designed for today’s production environment, combining on-premise and cloud content to help empower remote production while also maintaining data integrity and security, according to GB Labs.

The Unify Hub manages storage, either on-site or in the cloud, from GB Labs or other vendors. It offers what GB Labs calls pillars of advances in productivity, connectivity and security:

  • Unify Hub Cloud Mounts aligns local user permissions with cloud accounts to facilitate single sign-in and simplify the secure access of cloud accounts on-premise;
  • Acceleration uses GB Labs technology to speed up the user experience, as well as reducing cost and saving internet bandwidth 
  • S3 Endpoint enables users to connect on-premise workspaces to cloud services or remote users; 
  • Remote Working provides remote workers with a seamless experience; and 
  • Virtual Workspaces enables users to select what is needed and securely make it available everywhere 

With its management structure, Unify Hub allows users and groups to be established for individual projects. All appropriate cloud accounts can then be accessed through the unit’s single sign-on. The Unify Hub File Manager, meanwhile, provides system administrators a single pane of glass overview and control.

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