Frezzi Debuts Mini Stable-Cam

Frezzi Energy Systems' new Stable-Cam Support System is ready to ship.

Introduced at NAB2004, Frezzi's Stable-Cam is a fully adjustable Mini-DV camera support and stabilizer. It is available with integrated broadcast battery brackets and supplies power to the Mini-DV and Frezzi Micro-Fill lights. Features include Stable-Grip, Hip-Grip balancing handles and waist support.

The camera also removes wrist stress and arm fatigue. Use of the Frezzi Stable-Cam helps to capture more cinematic type shooting, according to the company. The Stable-Cam counterbalances Mini-DVs by displacing the weight of the camera and battery on three points of the body; shoulder, hands and hip, providing easier field use in ENG, EFP and Event Videography.

Designed to integrate with the Frezzi Micro-Fill line of on-camera lights, the Stable-Cam operates the Mini-DV camera and Micro-Fills from a single broadcast battery, available in three battery usage formats; NP1, A/B, or V-Lock.

With the detachable Stable-Grip, users have a compact hand-held Mini-DV camera support providing a stabilizer for quick maneuverable action shots as seen in music videos. The camera balances the Mini-DV camera between both hands to provide balance and super stability.