Free WASP Community Edition V. 3.4 Launched

NEW DELHI, INDIA—WASP3D has announced the release of the WASP3D Community Edition (CE), Version 3.4 of the WASP3D Software Suite. The WASP3D CE is a fully functional free version for beginners to learn, evaluate and gain experience with the software. The WASP3D CE suite consists of the 3D design tool - Drone Designer with the real-time rendering server. Graphic artists, 3rd party developers, and technology providers can now use this opportunity to evaluate WASP3D, build solutions and applications and share/present it to potential clients. WASP3D CE is a downloadable version that can be used for personal, educational & commercial purpose.

Some of the new features that have been introduced in the version 3.4 are: User Defined Tables (UDT), Blur Texture - Depth of Field, Blur Texture – Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Parametric Hatch Textures, OpenType Font Support, Candle Graphs, Water Texture, Gradient Texture, Scripts, PostgreSQL Add-In & Trajectory to Shape.

The latest version is available for download at WASP3D forums.