Free WASP Community Edition V. 3.4 Launched

Wasp3D CE is a fully functional free version for beginners to evaluate
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NEW DELHI, INDIA—WASP3D has announced the release of the WASP3D Community Edition (CE), Version 3.4 of the WASP3D Software Suite. The WASP3D CE is a fully functional free version for beginners to learn, evaluate and gain experience with the software. The WASP3D CE suite consists of the 3D design tool - Drone Designer with the real-time rendering server. Graphic artists, 3rd party developers, and technology providers can now use this opportunity to evaluate WASP3D, build solutions and applications and share/present it to potential clients. WASP3D CE is a downloadable version that can be used for personal, educational & commercial purpose.

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Some of the new features that have been introduced in the version 3.4 are: User Defined Tables (UDT), Blur Texture - Depth of Field, Blur Texture – Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Parametric Hatch Textures, OpenType Font Support, Candle Graphs, Water Texture, Gradient Texture, Scripts, PostgreSQL Add-In & Trajectory to Shape.

The latest version is available for download at WASP3D forums.