Fischer Helps Drive Standard of Excellence

The Cinematography Electronics' Cine Tape Measure depends upon Fischer connectors for reliability.AGOURA HILLS, CALIF.
Although Cinematography Electronics is based here, and Fischer Connectors is headquartered in Switzerland—two continents apart—these organizations are seamlessly connected by quality. This is especially so in the design, engineering and manufacture of equipment and accessories for the film and broadcasting industries.

Both companies have built their reputations on quality products and incomparable service. Neither will ever cut corners nor make compromises in the materials. For Cinematography Electronics this means using the finest aircraft aluminum that is carefully machined to a satin black finish and stainless steel fasteners. For Fischer it means developing fail-safe connectors that are durable, rugged and reliable, and yet easy to operate.

This mutual passion for quality is the ingredient that makes our two companies so similar and our equipment so compatible. We demand as much of our suppliers as we demand of our own equipment.

Here at Cinematography Electronics, our goal is to produce film equipment with faultless quality, even when it's subjected to the most adverse environmental conditions. And there's no question that we select Fischer products to help us in fulfilling such a big requirement. Fischer's multipole connectors are reliable and durable, and this is particularly appreciated in an industry where the reality is almost always a harsh environment.

Cinematography Electronics began designing and manufacturing equipment more than 30 years ago, beginning with a bench in a back room and a small milling machine in a garage. Today, many of our professional camera accessories have become industry standards and we've received Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

One example of Cinematography Electronics' more recent advancements is the Cine Tape Measure. Used by film and digital crews worldwide, this versatile ultrasonic, ultra quiet system continuously calculates the distance between a subject and the camera's film plane. By continuously measuring distance during a shot, small or subtle subject movements are easily captured. The system's measurements are continuously available and simplify focusing the camera lens to help save time, avoid retakes and reduce production costs. It's compatibile with all lenses, film and video cameras, and is also easy to set up.


Our Cine Tape Measure system is so solid that film crews trust it even in the harshest or most extreme environments. It's not unusual to have the system working in salt spray, sand storms, heavy rains, extreme climates, or even being dunked in chocolate rivers, as was the case was when filming "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I doubt that we could have provided this sort of reliability without a little help from the Fischer people and their excellent connector products.

The Cine Tape Measure reliability fulfills the extraordinarily high expectations set by our customers, and we have to live up to that expectation and maintain our standards for excellence. Fischer Connectors helps us do just that. Just like the equipment that we make, their connectors have a reputation for excellence and survivability under extreme conditions.

Larry Barton is the founder and president of Cinematography Electronics Inc. He began his career in the film and broadcast industry in 1969. He may be contacted

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