First Rule Uses Exterity Streaming to Showcase Video Services

FIFE, SCOTLAND – Still in its first year of existence, First Rule Film & Broadcast, which is based in St. Louis, has been busy. The broadcast services provider has helped cover the events in Ferguson, Mo., and launched a five-day-a-week broadcast called “The Allman Report.” With the desire to highlight its work to potential clients, First Rule turned to Exterity to install its IP video distribution system in the First Rule facility.

Exterity provided an end-to-end IP video system that distributes TV and video over the media company’s IP network without disrupting corporate communications. Exteritys uses its AvediaServer for centralized management in tandem with three AvediaServer encoders that stream video over First Rule’s existing IP network. There are also 30 AvediaPlayer set-top boxes that connect TV sets throughout the facility. First Rule can now highlight its services to visiting clients.

Exterity is a deliverer of end-to-end solutions for enterprise IPTV based in Scotland.