Facility Upgrades at Televisa Feature Lawo IP Gear

RASTATT, Germany—The Televisa facilities in San Angel, Mexico—which primarily produces telenovelas and other live programming—recently received an upgrade to a fully networked production environment using Lawo IP-based mixing and routing systems, headlined by the mc2 production consoles and Ravenna/AES67 I/O systems.

Televisa had previous experience with Lawo, installing a pair of 64-fader mc266 audio production consoles for its Audio OP trucks. The upgrades at the facility included four mc256 consoles, as well as additional DSP and routing devices in three large production areas. The mc256 desks are configured with 64, 48, 32 and 16 faders and HD cores and SoundGrid integration. Lawo’s Dallis I/O systems supply each unit, completed by a row of A_mic8 and A_digital8 high-quality AoIP interfaces.

Other areas of the Televisa production facility now include to mc236 consoles in a 24-fader frame, as well as Compact I/O units. The Nova73 HD central router and all of the production units are fully operational and networked via a Ravenna/AES67 infrastructure.

All of the units that were part of the installation work with current IP standards, like SMPTE 2022-6/7, 2110 and AES67, but are also future-proof for new IP standards.

In total five production facilities for Televisa were updated using Lawo products.