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EVS servers streamline NASCAR coverage

EVS Broadcast Equipment's IP Director production tools and server-based digital asset workflow systems are being used this season for ESPN's NASCAR race coverage.

The system allows each race's complete program, three additional ISOs chosen on-site, highlight/melt clips and field logs that create metatags to be distributed from ESPN's on-site production hubs. These are fed to multiple EVS servers and databases located in the network's post-production facility at Bluefoot Entertainment, in West Hartford, CT.

At the post facility, ESPN's feature producers can readily repurpose these digital archives for further programming and other uses. The IP Directors not only speed the transfer of more than 20 hours of HD material onto three or four hard disks, but also provide program logs that make it easier for editors to browse, search and select specific material.

Los Angeles-based Bexel Broadcast Services advised and supported the integration of a four-channel EVS XT[2] HD video server, EVS X-File digital archive server and several IP Director workstations.

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