Euphonix Is the WOSU@COSI Choice

WOSU@COSI is a joint venture between the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and WOSU, a PBS member station. We're proud to be the nation's first state-of-the-art digital TV production facility housed within a public science center. It's both uniquely satisfying and fitting to be able to produce original content for WOSU Public Media's broadcasts in such a highly public setting.

Several innovative studio design concepts, including a movable soundproof glass wall, allow more than half a million visitors per year to watch and even participate in productions as they happen. To fully complement such structural innovations, the Euphonix Max Air was the first and only choice of broadcast audio console for WOSU@COSI.


One of the great challenges for any studio production crew is to be able to anticipate and adapt quickly to outside clients' individual needs. Sometimes it's not until a client actually arrives on the day of the production that you can get a complete picture of what is to be expected. With the Max Air it's simple and quick to build a new custom layout for whatever the project requires, then save it and later be able to fully recall and, if need be, tweak it on the fly.

The idea is to nail things down so well that your clients will come right back to you the next time they have an important project—and when they do, you'll already have a custom configuration that's tailor-made to match their needs.

Recently we were chosen by NASA to host one of their 50th anniversary "Future Forum" celebrations, which is to be presented live worldwide via the NASA channel. This was the first fully live television broadcast from WOSU@COSI and it went off flawlessly. Fortunately for us, and in no small part due to the Euphonix Max Air digital audio console and its flexibility and seamless integration, we were able to not only meet, but to exceed our clients' expectations.


In my professional background of music and sound production, I've had to struggle at times to unlock the full potential of other digital consoles, but I was very pleased by the smooth and easy learning curve presented by the Euphonix. The physical layout and functions of the Max Air are simply more intuitive than most. And because the console is so flexible and quick to set up, it's made my life and work that much easier.

One of my favorite features of the Euphonix is its touchscreen technology. One screen gives me access to all the master functions and setup pages for each section of the console, and there's a vivid graphic representation of all my current settings. Also, just to the right of the touch screen is the Super Channel section; this gives me instant physical control over all parameters for any selected channel. Super Sweet, I'd call it.

A big part of my job is to use audio technology to help make thoughtful, educational entertainment—both for our viewers and for all the many thousands who visit WOSU@COSI every year. With the Euphonix, the job has become a lot easier.

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