Etere Unveils Nunzio Player Automation Software

Etere Nunzio Player
(Image credit: Etere)

SINGAPORE—Etere is launching the Nunzio Player, a next-gen playout automation software for news channels designed to control multiple playout streams through a single interface. The Nunzio Player is part of the Etere Ecosystem.

The Nunzio Player is a 64-bit application that can run on main and backup configuration. It is also a fully integrated system that connects to Etere’s Nunzio Newsroom platform for end-to-end newsroom management.

With Nunzio Player, users can select NDI/SDI/IP playout inputs and outputs according to newsroom playout requirements. Users can also view and select from the list of channels defined in the IP router from the same interface. Support for all video and audio formats, including Date audio technology, is also available.

Nunzio Player’s dashboard displays information on the duration of each clip, the status of each clip and description of each segment, story and clip in real time. It loads the files in priority according to status in the system.

Etere has equipped the Nunzio Player with a distributed system architecture. When changes are made in the rundown, the unit automatically updates the information to reflect its real-time status. It also instantly communicates any changes across the newsroom system.

In addition, Nunzio Player can be integrated with Etere Media Asset Management and Etere T-Workflow.

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