ERI rolls out new VHF TV antennas

Electronics Research unveiled three new TV antenna products at NAB2007 based on the company's new SLIMWing radiator element.

The SLIMWing antenna element is fabricated from stainless steel to eliminate corrosion. The antenna system's power dividers are fabricated from brass and copper components.

All versions and configurations of SLIMWing TV antennas are suitable for analog or digital applications and can be designed for single or multiple channel applications.

The SLIMWing VHF television antennas are available in three versions, including:

  • XWING, a top-mounted lattice structure super turnstile TV antenna available for any VHF TV channel from 2 to 13 (47MHz to 230MHz);
  • SLIMWing side-mounted high-band VHF TV antenna, which is intended as an auxiliary standby VHF TV antenna or a main antenna for Class A and LPTV stations;
  • SLIMWing high-band VHF TV panel antenna, designed for stations needing a directional pattern or for those unable to use the top of the tower.

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