Envivio enhances multi-screen content protection

Envivio has unveiled integration of advanced features for the Envivio Halo network media processor and Envivio Muse transcoders, including Microsoft PlayReady Premium content protection and Civolution forensic watermarking capabilities.

Envivio and Microsoft have teamed up to integrate Microsoft PlayReady server technology and first-party ports for Android and iOS with Envivio Halo network media processors. Advanced content-protection scenarios requiring key rotation are now possible across a variety of adaptive-bit-rate (ABR) formats, notably MPEG-DASH.

Content protection is critical to avoid illegal redistribution of video assets and maintain revenue streams for operators. Civolution’s NexGuard forensic watermarking solution, combined with the Envivio Muse transcoder and Halo Experience Server, enables watermarking for live Internet or OTT services.

It allows service providers to identify streaming sessions easily without impacting the viewer’s experience. Each user receives video with a unique and personalized watermark, which can be detected during illegal redistribution of the stream leading to the identification of the source of content theft.