EEG Video Releases Lexi 2.0 Captioning Service

EEG Video Lexi 2.0
(Image credit: EEG Video)

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.—EEG Video has launched the Lexi 2.0 Automatic Captioning Service, the second generation of its automated cloud-hosted closed captioning service. The new edition touts higher accuracy, new workflow enhancements and a new control set.

Lexi  2.0 is capable of achieving 95% accuracy in its closed captioning services, according to EEG, with the company citing reports that local news program samples have experienced 87% to 95.5% accuracy. The company cites this boost in accuracy to Lexi 2.0’s reduction in word errors, improved punctuation, improved response to fast speech and improved response to background noise.

EEG has also added Core Models, an expansion of its Topic Models systems for accurately displaying custom vocabulary and phrases. Core Models can recognize topics, immerse itself in distinctive vocabulary and observe context through the absorption of relevant web data unique to each implementation. 

The new Lexi 2.0 also offers the Scheduling feature, which helps schedule, monitor and manage captioning jobs. Users can program a future start and end time for automatic captioning and set recurring events. Scheduling also features the new Instances capability, which is a template of settings that can be duplicated across different sessions.

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