EdgeCast Networks announces availability of Application Delivery Network

EdgeCast Networks has announced the general availability of its Application Delivery Network, bringing a three-month beta to an end.

The new service is capable of improving the performance and throughput of Web applications and the serving of dynamic content.

The company’s beta cycle included internal testing as well as engagement with more than 10 companies ranging from large consumer-facing enterprises offering customized portals to extremely high-volume entertainment and technology publications. During the beta, sites realized performance gains ranging from 40 percent to more than 250 percent.

The service — built upon the company’s distributed global content delivery network — is a multilayered solution that combines best practice optimizations with core technology refinements, and packages it together as an easy-to-use service.

Primary use cases for the Application Delivery Network include customized information portals, e-commerce applications, social media services and other online tools that serve content that cannot be cached at the edge. The optimizations improve reliability and performance.