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Eartec Offering UltraLITE Wireless Headsets

NARRAGANSETT, R.I.—Eartec is now carrying a new full duplex wireless headset, the UltraLITE. With a compact transceiver installed inside the earcup and the ability to operate without belt pack radios, the UltraLITE can communicate hands free.

Offered in two versions, the Standard series of UltraLITE utilizes one Base headset with up to three additional remote units without a base station. The Hub series features a wearable mini base station that expands the capacity to seven crew members.

Additional features include a range of 400 yards with Digital Enhance Cordless Technology; single and dual ear models; and a 270-degree swivel for the microphone, which becomes muted when the boom is positioned straight up.

Eartec is offering a complete two-person system for $300.