Digital Broadcast Gets Kudos From Chattanooga Stations

WDSI-TV is a Fox-affiliate property of New Age Media, and in 2006 realized that we had to replace our old, out-dated video server system. It had served its time and was so old that it was no longer being supported. We needed to find a way to air our spots and programming as efficiently as possible and completely without tape. We found precisely what we needed with Digital Broadcast's MediaFire automated master control system.

We discovered that the MediaFire, with master control automation built into and totally integrated with the hardware, could perform a multitude of functions at a surprisingly low cost. The other systems with comparable capabilities that we examined cost far more than the MediaFire.


Patrick Motley The MediaFire package has worked quite well for us. It's been very easy to work with and operate. It interfaces bi-directionally to our traffic and billing system, allowing air schedules to be loaded into the MediaFire, played and reconciled back automatically. The system has been very stable, and our on-air look has been excellent. Most significantly, the system has streamlined our operations, especially with its interface to Pathfire syndicated programming.


The MediaFire takes syndicated programming directly and automatically from Pathfire without having to first dub to tape. There is no format conversion required at all. In addition, the MediaFire automatically segments the programs so there's virtually no manpower required in the processing. The transfer from Pathfire is literally faster than real time. A 30-minute show can be transferred to the MediaFire in approximately 10 minutes, already segmented and ready to air. Needless to say, this has significantly reduced the man-hours formerly required for processing syndicated programming.

The MediaFire has certainly met and exceeded our expectations. Its multiple functions have eased our workload and freed our engineers from a lot of the prep work previously required. In fact, we are continually amazed at how little space it takes up, given the amount of functionality it has.

When it comes to technical support, we've been extremely pleased with Digital Broadcast's performance. They have the ability to dial into our system, and can promptly and efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues.

When the time came earlier this year to acquire a server system for WFL-TV, our CW affiliate, we had no problem in making a choice—we purchased another MediaFire system. In fact, some of our sister stations in the New Age Media group have followed suit and also purchased MediaFire systems. Our experience with our system has demonstrated to them, as well as to us, that the MediaFire virtually takes the worry out of on-air spots and programming.

Patrick Motley is the chief engineer at WDSI-TV/WFLI-TV and has been with that operation for four years. Before joining the stations, he worked at Michigan and Ohio stations for more than 20 years. He may be contacted at

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