Dielectric Adds to Dualband Lineup

Dielectric Communications introduced the TUV-L and TUV-M Dualband antennas, common aperture VHF/UHF arrays for low- and mid-band VHF broadcasters who have been assigned a UHF DTV channel. The TUV-L and TUV-M antennas use field-proven VHF Superturnstile technology combined with UHF pylon technology.
The TUV-L and TUV-M antennas complement the TUV-H Dualband array introduced at NAB2001. The full Dualband product line covers all VHF channels and addresses the needs of over 600 VHF/UHF NTSC/DTV pairings. All three Dualband arrays offer full ERP solutions for both the VHF and UHF service, many times with no increase in antenna windload. When used in conjunction with Dielectric Shared Line Tees and EHTLine transmission line, many broadcasters can provide both NTSC and DTV service from their existing tower structure with little or no structural modifications.