Details of Ikegami, Toshiba HD ENG system emerge

Details about the tapeless HD ENG system that Ikegami and Toshiba are collaboratively developing emerged this week.

The tapeless system, announced at NAB2007, will use a storage platform based on open standards, and deliver enhanced levels of productivity and innovation throughout the video broadcast workflow.

The entire system is composed of the GFCAM 1 hybrid tapeless camera; GFSTATION, a new central video management and recording system based on flash memory; and GFSTATION PORTABLE, a portable version of GFSTATION. All image and sound data are recorded to GFPAK, a removable medium that can be used with all system components. The network connectivity of all system elements creates a highly efficient, highly productive tapeless environment.

GFPAK, the new system’s removable storage medium, is based on semiconductor flash memory. It integrates proprietary technologies and enhanced error protection to maintain data integrity and support high-speed random access.

A single GFPAK can store up to 128 minutes of HD images. As an alternative, a hard disk drive-based memory pack is also available.

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