CPI - IOT Amplifier

The K2D130W K2 series inductive output tube is a high-efficiency RF amplifying device designed for digital television service. It can provide a peak power of 130 kW and an average power of 31 kW and operates with a beam voltages from 27 kV to 38 kV.

The tube provides a minimum gain of 22dB and covers from 470 MHz to 815 MHz. It features user-friendly tuning and a compact size with a dispenser cathode and pyrolytic graphite grid.

Replacement of the K2D130W does not require disconnection of water cooling lines or power supply. The tube is suitable for 8-VSB, COFDM and other similar modulation schemes.

For additional information, contact CPI at 650-592-1221 or visit www.cpii.com.