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CMMB takes off in 2009, according to In-Stat

In-Stat analyst Michael Zhang summarized the research firm’s latest report on mobile TV, “China’s Mobile TV Market: CMMB Takes Off in 2009.”

“Following a year of hypothesizing and guesswork in 2007, the relative positions of China’s mobile TV standards became clear in 2008,” Zhang said. “On the one hand, TMMB, one of China’s home-grown mobile TV standards, defeated DMB-T/H and CDMB to become China’s national mobile TV standard; on the other, SARFT has strongly supported CMMB, and hence CMMB is considered the industry standard.”

Highlights from the report reveal that:

  • In 2008, China’s mobile TV market gained 4.5 million users.
  • In 2008, the CMMB mobile TV standard stands out for gaining more than 1 million users.
  • 2009 will see CMMB grow rapidly and then dominate China’s mobile TV market.
  • In-Stat predicts that CMMB will serve more than 150 million mobile TV subscribers by 2013.

Its strong SARFT connection led to the choice of CMMB as the standard for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, a strong start followed up by rapid development of its value chain and user base. Against the paler development of TMMB and DAB, and the peaking of the analog mobile TV market, CMMB comes out ahead.

The report looks ahead five years at China’s mobile TV market and CMMB chipset units and revenues, as well as analyzes the current status of China’s mobile TV standards and market trends, CMMB development in 2008, and its competitive advantages with an in-depth study of the CMMB value chain and business models.

You can read more about the report here