Cloud-Based Media Center Selects Zixi, Zixi Zen Master

(Image credit: Zixi)

WALTHAM, Mass.—Live sports streaming cloud-based media center Imagica Live has adopted Zixi and Zixi Zen Master for its worldwide video transmission network, Zixi announced.

Imagica Live has operated a virtual media center for professional sports leagues and major sporting events since 2017. It offers ingest and aggregation of livestreams from more than 60 stadiums and arenas across Japan over an IP network into a dynamic cloud system.

Streams are transcoded in real time to the necessary format to ensure the appropriate feed reaches teams, referees, overseas publishers and Japan’s national and local broadcast networks.

“Zixi enables us to provide the mission critical end-to-end solutions that reliably and cost-effectively meet the needs of our customers,” said Imagica Live Director Yasuhiro Kawata. “We are able to deploy complex ‘anywhere-to-everywhere’ transmissions over any IP network and leverage real-time cloud video processing services to deliver VR and other specially processed videos.”

Deploying the Zixi Software-Defined Platform for its cloud media center enables Imagica Live to offer low-latency, error-free video transport via its transmission services without the complication of packet loss and noise, Zixi said.

The Zixi protocol dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions to deliver best-in-class security with Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Imagica Live is also using Zixi Zen Master live video orchestration and telemetry for scheduling, orchestration, monitoring and reporting for all Zixi transmission and server resources, the company said.

Zixi separately announced that it has begun a two-week virtual showcase of its solutions in lieu of the annual NAB Show. Registration for the Zixi Powered Virtual Showcase is available online.

More information is available on the Zixi website.

Phil Kurz

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