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Clear-Com ships Tempest 2400 worldwide

Clear-Com Communication Systems is now shipping its Tempest 2400 wireless intercom system worldwide. Tempest 2400 operates in a license-free frequency band where it is fundamentally resistant to interference from other wireless devices, ensuring that communications go off without a hitch in even the most crowded RF environments. Easy to configure and use, Tempest is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, including touring productions.

By using the 2.4GHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) in conjunction with TDMA technology, the Tempest2400 RF scheme avoids the need for licensing and frequency coordination. In addition, once registered to a base station, a belt pack needs no further configuration and roams freely within a single zone area, making it perfect for productions and events requiring tight coordination.

Tempest 2400 also appeals to those finding it difficult to operate wireless equipment in the 470-698MHz portion of the UHF band due to an increasingly crowded spectrum. The system operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band, it is unaffected by regulatory restrictions that inhibit the wireless communications in other frequency bands. Its simple setup requirements and portability also make it a tremendous asset for those looking to use it for multiple types of applications.

Each base station supports up to five full-duplex, four-audio-channel digital wireless belt packs; by stacking up to 10 base stations together, 50 independent, full-duplex wireless belt packs can operate together in a single system.

Tempest 2400 features 2xTX voice data redundancy transmission, which sends each packet of audio data twice on different frequencies and through different antennas, ensuring uninterrupted audio communications. It can interoperate with other Clear-Com intercom systems through four-wire and two-wire connections as well as those from other manufacturers.

Other handy elements include the iSelect roaming feature, which allows the belt pack user to move from one zone area to the next, among other benefits, and the T-Desk control and configuration software for monitoring and managing the entire wireless system from a remote location via Ethernet connection to a LAN. Available as an option is a remote transceiver for antenna placement of up to 1500ft (450m) from the base station.