Cinedeck RX delivers tapeless record, monitoring and playback workflow

Cinedeck LLC has shipped its Cinedeck RX, the latest addition to the Cinedeck product family. The RX, which can be mounted on a rack, is a new, solid-state recording, monitoring and playback system that delivers tapeless workflow to studios, post-production facilities and broadcasters covering cinema production, sports, music, theatrical and entertainment events in both 2D and 3-D stereoscopic formats.

Cinedeck RX uses the same intuitive touchscreen interface as the Cinedeck EX, reducing training time and speeding deployment in the field.

Within its characteristics:

Record: Cinedeck RX captures from all leading production formats, recording on to cost-effective SSD storage media, and can be used for single input, dual-input two camera, or 3D stereo shoots. Cinedeck is the first to offer simultaneous native support for Avid and Apple standards – supporting Avid DNxHD (wrapped as MXF OP-Atom or QuickTime), JFIF for proxies, and all Apple ProRes codec formats, including 4444, CineForm and uncompressed 444 (10-bit) or 422 (8- or 10-bit). Its unique "Double Dual-Stream" feature delivers the flexibility to capture two feeds at a time with the same codec, or to capture one feed with two different compression formats – such as Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes together, or Hi-Res master and Low-Res proxy together – while simultaneously creating back-up copies of each.

Monitor: Cinedeck RX monitors video in realtime via a high-resolution, 7" touchscreen display. It provides users with a comprehensive array of image analysis tools – including edge enhancement for focus assist, clipping, waveform, vectorscope and histogram. Users can also monitor audio via the headphone jack, and toggle between audio inputs – while simultaneously viewing the on-screen, pro-audio standard, recording level display.

Playback: Cinedeck RX enables users to review shots instantly in realtime, and in any order, via the built-in display, or external HD-SDI or HDMI monitors – allowing them to instantly QC and know they have captured the shots they want.

Key advantages of the RX include its compact mobility, compatibility with several edit programs, format versatility, overall connectivity and security.