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Chrosziel provides Red One accessories

Chrosziel, the German maker of camera accessories, has introduced three new matte boxes and a support system for the Red One digital cinema camera.

A new bridge plate with 19mm rods puts the Red One in the correct optical position. Tests on the Red cameras delivered so far have shown there are slight differences in the housing dimensions. The matte boxes for the Red One compensate for these differences by means of a height adjustment on a swing-away arm.

The MatteBox 840 R2 is the most versatile with its double rotating filter stage and its two identical multiformat holders for 4in x 5.65in horizontal and 5in x 5in filters. Both rotate independently. The maximum lens diameter is 142.5mm. Smaller diameters use rubber bellows and retaining rings.

The MB 805 is a standard for cine or video production. The MatteBox 805 Red version also fits directly without adapter on supports with 19mm rods. It comes with a fixed first filter stage and a second rotating and exchangeable stage.

The MB 456 R2 is compact and light, weighing only 1.5lb. It can be used with 15mm support systems or as SunShade to directly clamp on the lens. The maximum front element diameter is 130mm, covering most of the lenses used with the Red One camera.