Brightline Debuts Presenter Lighting Kit

Presenter Lighting Kit
Presenter Lighting Kit's integrated COR-TAP Wi-Fi hotspot (Image credit: Brightline)

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa.—Brightline is putting the spotlight on its new Presenter Lighting Kit, which is designed for use by single presenters with the inclusion of Power over Ethernet and wireless control features.

Based on a three-point lighting design, the Presenter Lighting Kit uses two single module and one double module Flex-T recessed lighting LED panel units for key, fill and back lights; the Flex-T panels can be used in drop ceilings or drywall. The T-series also enables the lighting carriage to rotate for greater control, while spot optics avoid lighting spill.

The PoE control unit, which is available in either a rack mountable 2RU chassis or standalone enclosure, allows for IP control. Two internal drivers support the four Flex-T modules, while two Local Intelligence Node Controller units allow each light to be controlled individually.

On top of wireless control, the Presenter Lighting Kit includes a COR-TAP (Centralized Operational Resource - Technology  Access Point) Wi-Fi hotspot. Accessible through any web browser, this allows access to system configuration and usage web pages.

Brightline is now offering the Presenter Lighting Kit for $5,000. For more information, visit