BitCentral debuts NewsWheel

At NAB2006, BitCentral unveiled NewsWheel, the latest extension for the company’s Précis news production system.

NewsWheel automates the process of updating content for a secondary news-only channel by repurposing content from a prime station’s regular newscasts.

NewsWheel is linked to Précis through a shared digital library of content. Every segment that has aired on a station’s regular newscast is archived in this library and can be reassembled to air at a later date, or on a secondary all-news channel, with the aid of NewsWheel.

As fast-paced stories break and develop, the software allows producers or editors to assemble segments on the fly. Stations can also ingest local breaking news that has not yet aired on the primary station and simply add voiceover onto the footage and take it to air.

Assembled segments also can be set to rotate continuously or can be broken up with commercial breaks or weather breaks with cues already built into the software.

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