BBC to capture Olympic Torch Relay live with Mobile Viewpoints WMT

Beginning May 19, the Olympic Torch will be carried in a relay around the UK and will be broadcast live on the Internet, different regional and the national BBC channels.

The vehicle in front of the relay, responsible for the live coverage, will use the Wireless Multiplex Terminal (WMT) from Mobile Viewpoint to transmit the images using a combination of different mobile 3G networks.

The WMT uses four to eight SIM cards from different operators to create a stable video connection. Mobile Viewpoint, in cooperation with the BBC, developed the Continuous Picture Technology (CPT) to ensure a smooth video link driving through the rough country side with varying mobile coverage conditions. The live coverage of the Olympic Torch Relay throughout the UK is challenging due to the long period and the distance, but these difficulties are resolved by the Continuous Picture Technology.