Band Pro Delivers F23s to All Mobile Video

Band Pro Film & Digital has delivered two F23 camera packages to New York City-based All Mobile Video. The F23 camera packages included the SRW-1 recorder with C35W viewfinder, an Assistants’ Control Panel and an I/O box as well as one of the first Zeiss 17-112mm DigiZoom lenses.

The Sony F23 is a new camera system that offers full bandwidth 4:4:4 capture with in-camera variable frame rates from 1-60 fps at 1080p recorded on-board to the SRW-1 deck. The F23 is offered for sale by Sony and through its CineAlta Premiere reseller, Band Pro Film & Digital.

Eric Duke, president of All Mobile Video said, “Whether our client produces television programming, commercials, or feature films, the Sony F23 CineAlta HDCAM SR 4:4:4 camera system represents the highest quality HD cinematography camera available.”