Axcera Announces New Transmitters

Axcera has added three new transmitters to its product catalog.

The models were shown at the NAB Show and included the 6X Series liquid-cooled high-power solid-state transmitter, the Innovator CX compact low-power transmitter/translator/gap filler and 8XC Series multimedia base station.

The 6X Series is engineered with LDMOS devices and provides broadband throughout the UHF band. The high density design reduces the amount of transmitter floor space required. The 6X Series is available in power levels up to 30 kW for DVB-T service or up to 40 kW for ATSC applications.

The Innovator CX low power transmitter can be configured as a gap-filler, LPTV transmitter, or a regenerative translator. It’s available for ATSC service in power levels ranging from 5 W to 250 W, and for DVB transmissions ranging in power from 3 W to 200 W. It features a frequency-agile exciter, digital linear and non-linear precorrection.

The 8XC Series mobile multimedia base station is designed to operate with virtually any of the world’s digital television standards, including ASTC, DVB-H, DVB-T, MediaFlo, DAB/T-DMB and others. The series can be obtained in power levels between 200 W and 1,000 W (average power) and are available for service in the VHF, UHF, L-band and S-band frequency ranges.