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Automation, including news and master control

Strategy & Technology (S&T) TSBROADCASTER 2

Software that allows an operator of interactive services to set up the automated generation of transport streams containing object carousel file systems for interactive TV; the second version of the company's DSM-CC Object Carousel product for DVB (MHEG-5 and MHP), OCAP/tru2way and ETV platforms provides a new and enhanced user interface as well as improved performance; the OCAP/tru2way version now includes out-of-band playout, common download and DTA support.
Booth: SU8606


VCI Solutions Velocity

Automates back-office from sales to traffic to operations; designed to eliminate costs and go beyond BXF to provide ultimate control over your operation.
Booth: TBD


Pro-Bel Morpheus ICE

Combines automation, master control, media playout and storage; can be scaled up simply by adding more of the compact 3RU modules as the operation expands; could even be used to add capability to larger automation systems.
Booth: SU12710


AmberFin iCR Version 4.5

Content mastering and transcoding software; now offers native support for Avid DN×HD and Final Cut Pro, offering instant interoperability with Avid and Apple editing systems; strengthens the link between content creation and distribution to expedite editing and versioning; extended MXF support of native Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM and Avid Op Atom MXF further increases interoperability with a wide range of tapeless cameras, VTRs, editing and server systems.
Booth: SU4323


OmniBus iTX On-Demand

Allows broadcasters to transmit conventional channels and save VOD-ready content from the same iTX workflow and hardware, without having to reingest or reformat material explicitly for VOD use; can be used to create everything from low-resolution files for Web download or mobile phones to HD MPEG-4 files with Dolby surround sound for broadband IPTV applications.
Booth: SU5417


Videoframe LCD24PL/24PR

Machine control and router-master control panels feature 24 programmable LCD switches; the four menu buttons are located either to the left of the LCD switches (24PL) or to the right of the LCD switches (24PR); use Power over Ethernet technology, eliminating the need for an external power supply.
Booth: SU5422


vsn vsnnews

Allows text/video editing in the same application; covers all issues in a uniform environment, including rundown planning and creation, resource management, word processing, video feed recording, and archive storage, organization and cataloguing.
Booth: SU5425


Florical AssetDispatcher

Option in S.M.A.R.T. Central; streamlines central ingest systems; uses spoke dub lists and programming settings to push commercial and program from a centralized ingest location to spoke sites after material has been approved; timing and metadata can be entered once and shared by all.
Booth: SU1802

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