Austin-Peay State University Enrolls Three Hitachi HDTV Cameras

WOODBURY, N.Y.—A trio of Hitachi’s Z-HD5000 cameras are heading to class at Austin-Peay State University, with the school’s department of communication purchasing the cameras for its instructional television studio to give students hands-on experiences.

APSU previously purchased six Z-HD5000s from Hitachi for its basketball and football venues. Now that the three new Z-HD5000s are replacing the previous models in the department’s educational TV studio, it allows for consistency across productions, said Kathy Lee Heuston, professor and interim chair for the Department of Communications at APSU.

In the studio, the Hitachi cameras are set in a fixed position, though the other Z-HD5000s owned by the school are used with tripods, ladder mounts and as handhelds as needed. School officials also cited improved visual quality and the easy-to-teach setup of the cameras as reasons for selection.

“We are very fortunate to be able to use the Hitachi cameras in our classroom environment as well as in our productions, to give our students hands-on experience with professional equipment that will benefit them after graduation,” said Lee Heuston.