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Audio-Technica launches AT2035 cardioid, AT2050 multipattern condensers

Audio-Technica launched two new large-diaphragm condenser microphones at the Summer NAMM show. Both the AT2035 cardioid and the AT2050 multipattern models are side-address designs, joining the company’s 20 Series of studio microphones. Both are expected to ship in August.

The AT2035 is a cardioid condenser design intended for such applications as overheads, acoustic instruments and guitar cabinets. Features include a smooth, full bandwidth response, low noise of 12dB SPL, 148dB SPL handling (158dB with +10dB pad in use) and a wide dynamic range, plus a suspension shock mount.

The new AT2050 is a multipattern, dual-diaphragm design that’s switchable among omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional (figure-eight) polar patterns. Its dual large-diaphragm capsule design maintains precise polar pattern definition across its full frequency range (20Hz-20,000Hz). The AT2050 has the ability to handle 149dB SPL (159dB with the switchable 10dB pad) with a low self-noise of 17dB SPL.

Both the AT2035 cardioid and AT2035 multipattern feature a switchable integral 80Hz high-pass filter that provides easy switching from a flat frequency response to a low-end roll-off. The high-pass position reduces sensitivity to popping in close vocal use while reducing the pickup of low-frequency ambient noise. Both new condensers come with a shock mount and a protective pouch.

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